chef cooking into the kitchen

Buon Appetito!

Our family moved to Seattle twenty five years ago. We brought our passion for cooking authentic Italian recipes with us. We came here to work in finance and architecture but couldn’t get the idea of opening an Italian restaurant out of our heads. And so, Pizza & Pasta Bar was born. Recently remodeled in 2019, our restaurant serves hundreds of customers everyday in Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market. Every morning, we prepare our homemade sauces, pizza dough and meats from scratch. Nothing comes out of a box. Our food is carefully paired with Washington State wines and we carry two local brews on tap. If you dine with us, you’ll notice that our tables are ornamented by fresh cut flowers bought directly from farmers in the Market. We obsess over all the little details.

We do what we do everyday because we treat our customers  like our family. At Pizza & Pasta Bar, we love pleasing people. Come sit at our table. Buon appetito!